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Emerging Technologies is an access point for companies, Innovators, businessmen, entrepreneurs, SME, MSMEs and startups to showcase their technology and fulfill their needs of technology. Emerging Technologies acts to facilitate collaborations in technology and business on a global platform in a sustainable manner. 

Emerging Technologies functions as a global market place for entities to identify partners, investors and customers beyond geographic boundaries. 
PS: R&D institutions from Universities, Colleges, Private or Govt. Development centers, Incubation centers can also reach us for these services.

We are India based consulting firm, headquartered out of New Delhi, who have accumulated extensive knowledge of the Indian market and have been delivering a range of programmes where India is a key target market.

We believe in changing the status quo, by serving Technology & Business together The technologies that are generally new or emerging, that can lead to commercial business, we support to bring it to you.

To sell or buy technology by making Joint Venture (JV) or Licensing or Selling rights, Manufacturing rights, usage rights 

Patented/ Proven/ Commercial or Lab scale but Successful Technologies & Product “Emerging Technologies” across Europe, Middle East, North East Asia, South Asia, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India. 

Emerging Technologies Promotes internationalization of companies, technologies, products from different regions. Provides access to companies involved or in need with technology. Connects you to opportunities for investments or to invest in other technology.

Service Strength:

Make in INDIA

Privileged services for Priviliged Business People & Businesses 
Emerging Technologies serves as one roof solution for latest innovation, knowledge, business and information exchange on sustainable basis.

Strong Knowledge Base 

Across multiple domains and verticals for more than a decade 
Mainly: Manufacturing, Automotive, Chemical, IT, Non-IT, Safety Security, Agriculture, Anti- Fraud, Anti-Scam, Health & Pharma.

Knowing the Decision Maker:

Over the years we have learnt & known the industry, Govt. departments, Industry Associations, International Diplomatic community, their people & workings. This means saving your time, effort and money, by connecting you to whom you require to meet and giving you’re the right picture.

QCDM (Safety, Secrecy, Sustainability, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Management, ) 

At Emerging Technologies, we believe that the SSSQCDM is indispensable and we ensure that we meet your expectations on time and every time. 

You will surely be impressed with Emerging Technologies on how we execute and turnaround our services. Feel free to share your requirements for best results, as we will always request you.

Emerging Technologies: Team of Industry experts:

New Emerging Technologies

At Emerging Technologies, we utilize years of expertise, intensive domain knowledge, latest & strategic innovation, industry connections and know-how of strategic business & technology management and explicit business & commercial agreements.

For all your consulting requirements Emerging Technologies have: 

Team full of people, who are best in their field for Indian market based on current industry trends and competitive dynamics and in Business, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Govt Grants, Legal, Local country know-how, from Manufacturing, Chemical, Automotive, Health &Pharma and IT & Non-IT fields, with renowned experience at local & global level with best of local & Global Organizations. 

Emerging Technologies key focus on business relationship management with top line & bottom line profitability, ensuring optimal utilization of resources by use of qualitative and quantitative analysis 

Team Proficient in global contract & global project management within complex cross -regional team and with global players 

Emerging Technologies team have comprehensive experience in Business Analysis, Business Development and in managing healthy relationship with stake holders & delivering solutions for business growth & processes problems

Emerging Technologies have High-end Skills in due diligence process & in mapping Seller or Buyer Account, Decision matrix & judging company’s financials, business strength & expectations. 

Emerging Technologies have highly Insightful knowledge on business process and design, application based process reengineering, adopting new ideas & strategies for; supply chain, sale route, business process optimization, cost control & revenue maximization.

Emerging Technologies have advance exposure in conceptualizing and implementing competent business strategies with a view to penetrate new markets and expand existing ones for a wide range of product & services. Proficient in proactively driving; business plan & project acquisitions as per change in govt. norms & regulations Highly efficient to manage business operations in most Efficient, Systematic, Compliant, Proactive, Professional and Rational way.

Representation for client locally to ensure better visibility and stronger relationship with customers and business partners/vendors

Facilitate introductions and meetings between the client and individuals and organizations in related business community in India.

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Our motto is to connect, coordinate  on WIN WIN basis

We offer customized services to support you on your needs from sell or buy technology to Making agreements, Plant or site Visits, negotiations and even after deal is closed we support you to launch & sell the product to market & consumers. 

Emerging Technologies team helps you to know on Grants by Government & Government bodies in your country

We believe in setting up sustainable business model for Enhanced Growth, by connecting, supporting & even investing if required.

Headed by:
Ms. Renu Sharma

Emerging Technologies  
A 602, KrishVatika, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, 301019 India. 

We are located close to our customers in Manesar, Gurgaon, Bawal, Faridabad, Bhiwadi, Neemrana

Like : Japanese industrial zone, Neemrana, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor  (DMIC)

PS: email or SMS is the best & fastest way to reach us.

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Emerging Technologies 
403, New Delhi House, 27, Barakhamba Rd, Connaught Place Delhi 110001
Just call us, we will be very close to use.

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